Generator Monitoring and Control

Remotely monitor and control your generator to ensure your emergency power systems are online and available with WellAware Generator Management Service

The WellAware Approach to Generator Monitoring and Control

Generators keep critical infrastructure online during power outages caused by natural disasters or other issues. Disaster strikes twice when generators fail to come online and provide necessary emergency backup power. WellAware is revolutionizing how facilities managers interact with backup power systems and generators with high-quality data connections using our technology platform.

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Remote Asset Management in 2020

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We help you connect, monitor, and control your generators without the need for capital budgets or expensive retrofits. We provide all the necessary resources and eliminate the complexity of getting great generator data.  Keep your generators in prime operating condition with WellAware Generator Monitoring and Control Services.


Connect to any diesel generator make or model to monitor diagnostics, control start/stop, and prevent failures.


Start monitoring and controlling your generators without the need for capital budgets to maximize generator availability.


Our real-time generator monitor service delivers data without the complexity. We provide all the resources to remotely monitor and control generators.


Complete Generator Monitoring and Control

Generator Remote Monitoring and Control System Features

Flexible integration that works with all system types
Real-time generator data monitoring and location tracking
Real-time generator start/stop control
Notifications of generator shutdown, warnings, and faults
Interactive platform dashboard analytics
Cloud-based data storage and server security
Expert support to help you every step of the way
Preventative and predictive maintenance real-time monitoring

How It Works


WellAware connects to your diesel generator and instantly generates high-quality data streams from sensors and generator annunciator panels.


The WellAware Edge Compute device streams generator data to the cloud.


Intuitive reports and dashboards give you instant access to generator health, run-time, and diagnostics to ensure operability and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control generators remotely?
Yes, our platform enables diesel generator remote control. Our hardware comes equipped with solid-state relays to manage start/stop functions, and our software platform allows remote generator control from anywhere.
What generator data can I monitor?
Our services include generator remote annunciator monitoring, including status, fault, and diagnostics registers. In addition, we can install additional sensors to monitor:

  1. Fuel Levels
  2. Fuel Consumption
  3. Run Hours
  4. Loaded Hours
  5. GPS Location
Can I track the location of my diesel generators?
Yes, all of our services include integrated GPS monitoring of diesel generators.
What generator models can you remotely monitor and control?
We support remote monitoring on a wide variety of generator makes and models. Generally, all generators can have some form of remote monitoring and location tracking. Generators with serial or digital connections enable remote generator annunciator monitoring, in addition, to control using a solid-state relay. Some of the generator manufacturers that we support, include:

  • CAT
  • Kohler
  • Generac
  • Cummins
  • GE Power
  • Atlas Copco
  • MTU
  • Himoinsa
  • FG Wilson
  • And more…
How do you setup generator monitoring systems?
We use an asset template library and a rapid template deployment process to quickly gather information from your diesel generators. We provide the setup to ensure our hardware devices can communicate with your generators from the start. We then provide installation training or installation support services to get your devices installed. As soon as devices are installed and configured with our intuitive Zero Touch Provisioning process, you will instantly see generator data in your analytics dashboards.

How does generator remote monitoring work?
Our end-to-end platform uses sensors and direct wiring into the generator annunciator units to convert the physical world (e.g., temperature, voltage, power) into data. We transmit this over a secure network to the cloud where you can visualize the data on a dashboard, set up alerts, and perform ongoing analysis of performance.  Our team trains your users, maintains this equipment, upgrades the software, and takes full accountability for delivering high-quality generator data under a service level agreement.

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Learn how WellAware enables you to monitor your generators without the hefty capital cost of retrofitting or replacing your existing system. We provide you the monitoring resources on a monthly fee plan and give you the remote access to the data you need to work smarter.