Our Partners


WellAware is proud to partner with global leaders in the fields of electronics, technology, mobile communications and networking to provide the industry’s only full-stack solution for oilfield intelligence.


WellAware has partnered with Emerson, the largest vendor of oilfield automation equipment, to be the preferred supplier of automation equipment for WellAware. Emerson offers the most trusted and innovative brands in power generation, electrical protection, power quality, power transmission, fluid automation, materials joining, precision cleaning and machine motion.

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WellAware has partnered with GE to provide WellAware’s radio. Whether your application requires the collection of data from remote, unpowered sensors or deployment in areas with obstructed communication paths or a bridge for data using the cellular infrastructure to your enterprise network, GE provides WellAware with products that provide versatile, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

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WellAware has partnered with Ingenu (formerly OnRamp Wireless), a leading wireless technology company, to utilize its Random Phase Multiple Access (RMPA®) technology to create a world class machine-to-machine (M2M) network. Ingenu’s RPMA® technology provides for low cost and very reliable network coverage across oil and gas fields which enable WellAware to provide solutions for optimizing production for its customers.
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RPMA is a registered trademark of Ingenu.


WellAware has partnered with GCI Industrial Telecom, who brings full life cycle support to their clients and dispatches to their projects from their offices in Deadhorse, Anchorage and Houston Texas. As a division of GCI, they have best-in-class oil field tested and certified technicians, engineers and project management staff. With GCI, WellAware will give oil and gas field operators in the Alaska region access to the industry’s most advanced analytics solution.
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WellAware has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run our cloud-based applications.  AWS provides the highest level of security, scalability, and global support for our customers and ensures we are using the best technology for even the most demanding applications.
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