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WellAware is an industrial IoT company that enables businesses to get critical intelligence on their physical assets, from anywhere, at any time.

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Represent Your Physical Assets in a Digital Ecosystem

Machine learning and other advanced analytics techniques build on IT architectures, while industrial operations build on OT. The two are fundamentally incompatible. WellAware, an industrial IoT company, solves this problem by automating OT to IT conversions, creating context around data at its source, and defining easily replicable device applications that can effectively represent physical assets in a digital ecosystem. With WellAware, industrial IoT can now scale up into full production, benefiting both businesses and their service providers. For more information on industrial remote monitoring and control systems, contact us today!

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WellAware Helps Companies In Multiple Industries

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Increases in Data Collection Efficiency by 85%

Watch how WellAware helped Burk Royalty identify operations issues faster, minimizing downtime by 75% and increasing data collection efficiency by 85% in the first year.

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    WellAware enables companies to capture high-quality critical infrastructure data and provides a state of the art analytics platform that powers smart, real-time business decisions. Whether you are looking to learn more about Industrial IoT, or are evaluating your current system, get a demo of WellAware and learn how easy it can be to power your Industrial IoT needs.

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