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We Make Managing
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Meet WellAware, your one stop platform for transforming your operations. We help you save money, improve efficiencies, and quantify sustainability benefits.


From start to finish, the process is simple. You will be up and running in days.


You will see results and start saving time and resources immediately.


Change the way you operate. Save time and money.

Continuous Improvement

Benchmarking and reporting make it easy to identify weaknesses.
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Why Industrial Customers Choose Our Platform

WellAware recommendations and industry experts will partner with you to measure, monitor, and achieve your results.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Reduce Operating Expenses

● Minimize Resources
● Improve Efficiency
● Operate By Exception

Limit Safety Incidents

Limit Safety Incidents

● Reduce Windshield Time
● Prevent Fall Risk
● Eliminate Exposure

Drive Sustainable Impacts

Drive Sustainable Impacts

● Reduce Emissions
● Minimize Resources
● Eliminate Waste

Optimize Labor Force

Optimize Labor Force

● Accomplish More With Less
● Reduce Field Trips
● Improve Workforce Efficiency

Improve Decision Quality

Improve Decision Quality

● Increase Data Reliability
● Enable Useful Al/ML
● Create Data-Driven Culture

Optimize Supply Chains

Optimize Supply Chains

● Track Distributed Inventory
● Monitor Speeds and Feeds
● Prevent Stockouts

Ensure Equipment Health

Ensure Equipment Health

● Automate Integrity Tests
● Predict Equipment Failures
● Optimize Chemical Treatment

Eliminate Production Downtime

Eliminate Production Downtime

● Predict Process Breakdowns
● Automate Preventive Maintenance
● Enable Continuous Monitoring

WellAware Delivers Measurable ROI & ESG Results

WellAware’s software and data solutions facilitate significant and quantifiable environmental benefits. Below are examples of annual results seen by just one of our portfolio companies.

Try our calculator to view a customized ROI report specific to your operations!

Reduced Waste


GAL of Chemicals

Water Treated



Reduced Carbon


LBS Co2e

Reduced Mileage



Ready To Get Started?

1. Tell Us About Your Applications

Start with monitoring tanks, pumps, power, flows, temperatures, air quality, or any other sensors that are key to your operations. Call us now and we will help you get started.

2. Download the WellAware App

Once installed, the WellAware mobile app is your ticket to getting your sites configured and monitored in real-time.

3. Start Seeing Results Immediately

WellAware recommendations and experts will partner with you to measure, monitor, and achieve your results.

WellAware Customer Success Stories

“Don’t Fly Blind Without WellAware”

“We chose WellAware based on proven results. When I get better data, faster data, I can make quicker decisions – my operations team can make quicker decisions – we can focus on what is actually needed. WellAware makes this possible.”

-Christian Carroll
Senior Production Engineer | Escondido Resources