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WellAware empowers your business to be safer, more efficient, and more sustainable by capturing real-time equipment health and performance data. We give you the ability to remote monitor, control, & automate the assets that are critical to your operations.


We help companies solve five key challenges:

Connecting reliably to any make or model of industrial equipment.


Capturing high-quality data quality at reduced transport and storage costs.

Normalizing data from many sources for unified use and consumption.

Enabling business decisions to be made based on equipment health & performance analytics.

Eliminating the barriers to starting and upgrading industrial IoT projects.

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Explore Remote Monitoring Solutions

Give your SCADA, BMS, or DCS system the upgrade it needs in half the time and for a tenth of the cost. Explore our featured remote monitoring solutions that are created for all types of businesses.



Eliminate germs in airborne aerosols, protect your people, and prove it with Smart Air Purification and QR Assurance


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Production Monitoring


Get real-time health and performance data from every piece of equipment that is critical to your production process.


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On Demand Chemical


Monitor chemical tank levels, control chemical pumps, and automate injection to match production in real time. 


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