WellAware is Solving the IIoT Data Problem

WellAware is an industrial IoT data company focused on supporting its customers’ digitalization initiatives through the delivery of high quality IIoT data and analytics. The company’s integrated data platform provides:

  • Reliable data collection from the most hazardous environments
  • Secure data transfer between edge devices and the cloud that supports IIoT workloads
  • Analytics applications that significantly improve operations, reduce costs and optimize workflows
  • Data feeds customers and partners can incorporate into their own ML, AI and analytics applications

WellAware is unique among IIoT providers in that it does not sell its sensors, edge compute devices or gateways to its customers. Instead, it licenses the data these devices generate and its applications on a subscription basis. This approach provides many benefits to customers including the elimination of large up-front fees, as well as the ability to scale up or scale down the subscription based on actual usage.

While WellAware initially focused on the oil & gas industry, the company’s unique platform is now serving many new industrial applications. WellAware has thousands of assets installed across the country, bringing in more than 15 million data points daily, and has been scaling up to reach broader markets through OEM and licensing agreements with multiple Fortune 200 companies.


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