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Oilfield Chemical Injection Automation

It’s time to get serious about your chemical program

WellAware On Demand Chemical is the oilfield’s smartest, most reliable way to monitor chemical usage, automate injection, boost performance, and save money.

wellaware oilfield chemical tank monitor, pump controller, and gateway with software application and mobile app

WellAware Scout (TLM)

Improve inventory accuracy and optimize routes with state-of-the-art tank level monitoring designed specifically for oilfield chemicals.

  • Quick-mount install kit
  • Battle-tested sensor
  • Easy calibration
  • Observed usage rate
  • Auto delivery detection
  • Air lock detection
  • Low level alarms

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oilfield chemical tank level monitoring system

WellAware Commander (PMC)

Update setpoints remotely, reduce injection variance, and keep chemical pumps running with pump monitoring & control.

  • Works on most pumps
  • Solar, Electric, VSD
  • Control from anywhere
  • Solar health alerts
  • Voltage compensation
  • Overload protection
  • Low power alarms
  • Calibration failure alerts

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oilfield chemical pump controller with remote control on a mobile app

WellAware Admiral (ODC/Full Automation)

Link injection rates to process variables to inject the right amount of chemical at the right time without lifting a finger.

  • Maintain constant PPM
  • Eliminate overspending
  • Avoid undertreating
  • Production automation
  • Temperature automation
  • Updates 6x per minute

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oilfield chemical pump automation ppm control based on flow rate temperature pressure


Hydrate inhibitor automation system
Tired of freeze-ups, downtime, and methanol waste? Check out our temperature-based methanol automation solution!

methanol injection automation for oil and gas

This is On Demand Chemical

Manage your chemicals with confidence – and prove their ROI

We’re on another level

We’ve been perfecting oilfield chemical automation for nearly a decade. Our customers trust us to deliver unparalleled reliability, exceptional service, and a better experience than any other oilfield chemical automation provider.

Truly unmatched reliability

Our chemical tank sensors and pump controllers are designed to last a lifetime. But if they don’t, we’ll replace them at no additional cost. You just won’t find that anywhere else.

Absolutely unwavering support

You’re not alone out there. Our full-time, USA-based Client Success team is oilfield trained, safety-certified, and here to help you get the most out of your chemical automation system.

Simple and easy installation

 Install in as little as 10 minutes. Calibrate in two steps. No math. No tape measures. No endless calls to tech support. Just accurate, reliable chemical data streaming to your team.

Oil & gas verticals

Chemical automation solutions for everyone in the oilfield

Oil & Gas Operators

Whether you’re in production, pipelines, or processing, WellAware is a reliable chemical automation solution that reduces costs, protects assets, and maximizes transparency in critical operations.

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oilfield chemical service provider account manager

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Oilfield Service Companies

We know that customer service is priority #1.

WellAware helps oilfield chemical service companies manage inventory, stabilize revenue, and impress customers every single day.

Let’s own your chemical program together.

Oilfield Chemical Automation Resources

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