WellAware launches Integrated Radio and Controller for Chemical Management, Partners with TXAM to Power Chemical Monitoring Solutions

New resources to help further automate the oil and gas industry, drive down operating costs

SAN ANTONIO – June 29, 2016 – WellAware, the oil and gas industry’s only full-stack solution for oilfield monitoring and optimization, announced today the launch of the WellAware Integrated Radio and Controller for Chemical Management as well as a chemical monitoring solutions partnership with TXAM Pumps (TXAM).

Developing WellAware’s hardware offering, used in conjunction with WellAware’s network and chemical management software, is a critical final step in enabling E&P and chemical service companies to monitor and control production chemical injection through an affordable, subscription based platform.

“In today’s environment, operators and service providers are in a catch-22. They know they need to implement new labor-saving technologies, but many do not have the capital budgets to purchase the equipment up front,” said David Milam, Executive Vice President for Product Management and Marketing for WellAware. “WellAware’s Integrated Radio and Controller for Chemical Management eliminates the up-front cost barrier that prevents operators and service providers from streamlining their chemical management processes.”

Along with labor and utilities, production chemicals are among the top three operating expenses for oil and gas operators. Production chemical management typically requires technicians to travel to well sites to manually monitor tank levels and injection rates, yielding high labor and transportation costs as well as significantly increasing downtime and safety risks when problems occur between visits.

WellAware’s Integrated Radio and Controller provides a complete “full stack” solution compatible with RPMA, cellular, and satellite networks that allows operators and chemical service providers to monitor and control chemical injection rates from a web and mobile-based software platform. These chemical management solutions reduce operating costs, minimize pump downtime and are offered as a monthly subscription that does not require an upfront investment in equipment and software.

WellAware has also partnered with TXAM, one of the top vendors for chemical pump hardware, to provide them with an automation platform for their chemical pumps and controllers. This new solution, “powered by WellAware,” will enable TXAM customers to monitor their pumps and controllers in the field remotely, reducing unnecessary trips to the field and decreasing equipment downtime.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate TXAM Pumps products to produce the most efficient, durable and reliable chemical injection pumps in the industry, so partnering with WellAware was a natural fit,” said Brady Gallwey, General Manager of TXAM Pumps. “TXAM Pumps is proud to join forces with WellAware to offer our customers access to the latest automation technologies utilizing their existing investments in TXAM equipment.”

“WellAware is committed to helping the oil and gas industry adapt and succeed in today’s new price environment, both through our full-stack management solutions and by forging partnerships with industry leaders,” concluded Milam. “We’re excited to partner with TXAM Pumps to bring real-time monitoring and control to their industry-leading line of chemical pumps.”

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