Chemical Services


The declining price of oil has forced Exploration & Production companies to drastically reduce their spending. With production chemicals historically listed as one of the top three lease operating expenses, Chemical Service providers must be able to provide a higher level of service at a lower cost.

WellAware Chemical Management helps chemical service companies:

Reduce operating expenses

Operating expenses often escalate due to excessive manual data collection, the inability to find and retain qualified personnel, unnecessary site visits, the physical driving to a site to assess and deliver chemicals, and a general lack of visibility into field operations. As a result, many Chemical Service companies deal with unreliable inventory information, inefficient delivery methods and increased labor and transportation costs.

Minimize chemical pump downtime

Reducing pump downtime is essential for service companies as it affects customer service and ultimately, profitability. Issues such as inoperable pumps and unchecked inventory often lead to loss of accounts and lower customer retention rates.

Retain and grow customer base

Chemical Service companies that struggle to reduce their cost of goods sold and proactively respond to issues in the field will be unsuccessful at delivering their services at competitive rates and providing effective customer service. As a result, companies often fail to retain their current customers and win new accounts.

To address these challenges, chemical service companies are seeking to implement a number of best practices and operational strategies including:

Management by exception

Prioritize your activities based upon criticality and optimize your resources to reduce labor cost, transportation costs, and unplanned downtime.

Proactively address pump and inventory issues

Spot problems before they occur by monitoring critical set points to reduce unforeseen spills, leaks and equipment malfunction.

Achieving service contract transparency

Collecting the data required to ensure service level compliance and identifying opportunities for improving overall performance and customer satisfaction.

Reducing risk by eliminating low-value field activities

Remove unnecessary manual processes from your operations and repurpose your workforce on higher value activities to minimize transportation and labor costs and risk of incidents.