Clean Air Remote Monitoring
Clean air by WellAware guarantees air quality to ensure a safe environment for your customers and employees.

Become proactive about the air quality in your environment.

Now more than ever, air quality is critical to the health and safety of people in your buildings. Air purification remote monitoring allows you to prevent airborne transmission of COVID-19, prevent costly upgrades to HVAC equipment and filters, ensure OSHA and ASHRAE Air Quality Standards are met, and provide a safe and clean building environment.

Guarentee air filtration performance

Proactively protect employees and clients


Comply with air quality standards and guidelines

Avoid costly upgrades to HVAC systems

Meet and exceed cleanliness and safety guidelines

How Air Purification Remote Monitoring Works

Get Set Up

Get started with Remote air filtration monitoring by deploying an indoor quality air filtration device created by our partners at Purafil.




Receive Regular Reports On Your Air Quality

Real-time data is streamed to the WellAware platform that will give you data on the cleanliness of your air, the status of your filters, and your system’s overall performance. You will receive weekly air audit reports that can be accessed by your team and the occupants of your building.


Change Filters When They Arrive

Air Purification Remote Monitoring comes as a full managed service. WellAware monitoring the health of your air filters, and sends you replacement filters as needed. Let us ensure the quality of the air in your building. 

Ideal Solution Environments






Senior Living Centers



Ensure a safe space for your customers and employees
Use Air Purification Remote Monitoring to guarantee air quality to give your people the peace of mind they deserve.