PureAware™ Smart Air Purifier



PureAware™ is a smart air purifier for organizational leaders who want to remove viruses from the air, improve indoor air quality, and provide peace of mind to their building occupants through air purification remote monitoring.

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See How PureAware™ Smart Air Purifiers Work

Brands that care about peace of mind use PureAware™

PureAware™ is the air purification – and proof – you need

Removes Viruses

PureAware™ uses patented 4-layer PuraShield filters that remove up to 99.99% of aerosols which contain viruses and other germs

Filters the Air

Every PureAware™ filter cabinet includes a certified HEPA filter which removes up to 99.97% of PM0.3 particulate matter.

Safe for Humans

PureAware™ is safe for building occupants, containing no harmful UV lights or ozone-generating ionizers.

Provides Proof

PureAware™ includes a mobile app that gives building occupants peace of mind through proven air purification uptime.

Here’s what’s included

Air Purification Cabinet

We use PuraShield air purification cabinets to provide the best quality air purification. Each cabinet comes pre-loaded with a patented 4-layer filter which removes airborne contaminants.

On Demand Filter Deliveries

We detect when your filter needs to be replaced and automatically send you a replacement when you need it. Filters are easy to replace and can remove up to 99.99% of airborne pathogens.

Remote Filter Monitoring

PureAware™ is unlike other air purification services. We remotely monitor air purification performance to ensure air filtration uptime and clean space for your people and patrons.

Guaranteed Filtration Uptime

We are so confident in our air purifiers and remote monitoring service, that we offer 99% air filtration uptime. If your cabinet goes bad or your filter needs replacement, we take care of it.

PureAware™ Mobile App

Stay on top of filter status and make sure you are getting sufficient filtration at all times. Our mobile app and filter dashboard gives you complete control over your air purification service.

Customer Assurance Kit

Give your staff and patrons the peace of mind they deserve. Our unique mobile app lets your people track filter status and see your proactive solution to provide better indoor air quality.

PureAware™ Smart Air Purifiers Work in Many Spaces


Private Practices

Senior Care Facilities

Schools & Universities

Urgent Care Clinics

Small Business & Retail

Corporate Offices


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