PureAware™ ACT | Air Purifier Fleet Management




PureAware™ ACT, the world’s only air purifier fleet management console, lets you conserve energy, extend filter life, and reduce operating costs through fleet performance monitoring and automatic remote purifier scheduling.

PureAware™ ACT

Air Purifier Fleet Management

  • Included with your PureAware™ air purifiers
  • View all your air purifiers in one dashboard
  • Set purifier schedules based on occupancy
  • Track filter status and order replacements
  • Ensure air purifier uptime
  • Get text alerts for filter or power issues

Cut your energy bill by 30% or more

Don’t run air purifiers when you don’t need to. With our unique scheduling feature, you can remotely control and monitor air purifier schedules and reduce energy costs by up to $250 per year.

Air Purifier Scheduling

Multiple scheduling options for complete control of your air purifier fleet

Reduce air filter costs by up to
$800 per year

Properly maintained filters are key to effective filtration. Get more use out of your PureAware™ filters with occupancy-based scheduling

Air Filter Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of air filter replacements


Track filter status in real-time to ensure air purifier efficiency


Forecast when air purifiers will need replacement filters


Get text or email notifications when replacements are due

PureAware™ Smart Air Purifiers

Check out our lineup of remotely-monitored smart air purifiers

PureAware™ Compact

Smart air purifier for small spaces

PureAware™ Pro

Smart air purifier for large spaces

Want to reduce the total cost of managing your air purifier fleet?

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