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PureAware™ Compact



PureAware™ Compact

Perfectly sized for your personal space.


  • PuraShield 500 Air Purifier
  • Patented 4-Layer Filter
  • Remote Connectivity
  • PureAware Web and Mobile App
  • Automatic On/Off Scheduling
  • QR Code Assurance Kit
  • Lifetime Warranty

PureAware™ removes airborne viruses from your space.



Removes 99.96% of aerosol viruses in just 15 minutes*



No ozone. No off-gassing. No UV lights.



Automatic scheduling, filter status, and total assurance.



If it breaks, we’ll fix it. No matter what.

*An independent third-party test by Aerosol Research Laboratories demonstrated that the PuraShield 500 achieved a 3.45 net log reduction of MS2 bacteriophage virus in 15 minutes in a 600 cu ft space.

See full report here.

Assurance is everything.

Putting air purifiers in your building isn’t just about cleaning the air.

It’s about peace of mind for the people who come inside.

Each PureAware™ Compact comes with a QR Assurance Kit. Display it prominently so your staff and guests can see the protection you provide.

Just 15 minutes for 99.96% virus removal.

In a test performed by ARE Labs, Inc., an independent third-party, the PuraShield 500 air purifier removed 99.96% of aerosolized MS2 bacterophage virus – a COVID-19 surrogate – in just 15 minutes from a 600 cu ft room.

Tested against some serious germs.

H1N1 Swine Flu

99.91% reduction

H7N9 Bird Flu

99.98% reduction

SARS Virus

99.58% reduction

S. Albus Bacteria

93.78% reduction

S. Aureus Bacteria

99.95% reduction

E. Coli Bacteria

99.96% reduction

C. Albicans Fungus

98.90% reduction

Four layers of proven protection.

PureAware™ Compact uses the PuraShield 500 air purifier, with a patented 4-layer filter that safely removes virus aerosols and improves air quality.

Layer 1 – Prefilter removes dust, pollen, and other airborne irritants
Layer 2 – Purafil Molecular Media oxidizes germs and eliminates bad gasses and odors
Layer 3 – PuraWard™ Ionic Fiber breaks down viruses, bacteria, and mold
Layer 4 – HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of fine particulate matter

Filter area the size of 550 football fields.

More surface area equals more germ elimination.

PureAware™ Compact has 22 pounds of molecular media with over 32 million square feet of surface area to oxidize and attack viruses, bacteria, and mold.


Filter Cabinet

PuraShield 500

Ideal Spaces

Exam Rooms
Conference Rooms

Filter Media

1. Dust and Pollen Prefilter
2. Sodium Permanganate (NaMnO4) Media
3. Copper and Silver Ion Fiber
4. HEPA Filter

Removes Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold*

Yes, up to 99.99%

Filters PM0.3 particulates

Yes, at least 99.97%

Remote Monitoring


QR Code Assurance

5 x 5 Door Stickers
8.5 x 5.5 Table Cards


Rolling Casters

Air Flow Rating

250 CFM


14.5″ x 14.5″ x 23″

Enclosure Material

Powder Coated Steel


110V AC (USA)


< 60 dBA
(Like a small refrigerator)


55 lb

*airborne, as contained in aerosols or otherwise

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