Genset managers and technicians can remotely monitor and control standby generators using WellAware

Due to poor exercise regimens and deferred preventive maintenance, nearly 30% of standby generators fail to start during an outage. Failure to start can cause significant performance, safety, and compliance issues for industrial organizations in manufacturing, municipal services, and healthcare. With WellAware, genset technicians can remotely start, stop, and monitor standby generators to ensure performance in the most critical moments.

Compliance audits shouldn’t be a nightmare.

Too many industrial facilities fail their EPSS compliance audits due to under-performing standby generators. Without monitoring, genset managers and technicians cannot effectively track performance and mechanical availability through regular exercise regiments. The reality is that most standby generators are not exercised nearly often enough, and the labor burden to maintain a rigorous exercise program often puts reliability out of reach, which can be tremendously costly when standby power is required.

One in four healthcare organizations fail emergency power compliance audits due to poor genset performance

Nearly a third of standby generators fail to start during a power outage

Manual exercise programs can be a significant labor burden to organizations with standby generator fleets.

WellAware provides Remote Start/Stop functions and Exercise Diagnostics Dashboards to help standby genset managers ensure mechanical availability during an outage.

How it Works

A WellAware Intelligent Edge Device is installed on standby genset units to monitor runtime, engine parameters, shutdown and warning codes, and fuel level.

Genset technicians and managers use the WellAware LIFT™ platform to remotely start and stop gensets for exercise.

Genset managers can access Exercise Reports to determine if standby generators are operating at peak efficiency and can be relied upon when required.

All personnel can access live Engine Performance Dashboards to assess asset health and ensure mechanical availability of standby generators.

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