Operators battling internal corrosion can reduce chemical spend while drastically improving treatment quality with WellAware

With the recent uptick in oxygenated surface water usage for fracking, internal corrosion rates have spiked dramatically. WellAware On Demand Chemical automates corrosion inhibitor injection to maintain precise injection concentrations, reducing chemical spend and injection variance.

Corrosion treatment should match water volumes

Corrosion and combination inhibitors represent the single greatest chemical line item for modern oil and gas producers and transporters. What’s more, corrosion-related failures represent the highest failure cost to well operators. Operators cannot afford to rely on chemical service providers to adjust inhibitor treatment rates monthly, or weekly at best. As water volumes fluctuate, so should corrosion treatment.

WellAware On Demand Chemical automates chemical injection pumps to deliver corrosion inhibitor in proportion to the amount of water present in the production stream, and updates with each pump stroke to ensure on-time and accurate delivery. The chart below demonstrates chemical usage against water volume before implementing WellAware, where the chemical vendor updated rates monthly despite heavy fluctuation in water volumes, and after WellAware On Demand Chemical was put in place, resulting in tight correlation between water volumes and chemical usage.

A large pure-play operator in West Texas achieved the following results on their water management infrastructure using WellAware On Demand Chemical

How It Works

A WellAware Integrated Radio and Controller (WIRC) is installed on location

Chemical vendors supply recommended treatment concentrations

Operators establish a secure connection between their SCADA historian and the WellAware Connected Platform

The WellAware On Demand Chemical service updates injection rates to match the calculated recommended rates

Financial projections and usage data are then provided back to the operator

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