Oil and gas operators drilling new horizontals can achieve real savings on LOE with WellAware On Demand Chemical

New horizontal wells often achieve exceptionally high initial production rates, followed by rapid decline.  Chemical service providers can't update chemical injection rates often enough to keep up with decline, and chemical downtime can put wells at risk of failure.  WellAware keeps injection rates synchronized with production rates to lower chemical costs and reduce asset failure rates.

Chemical Treatment Should Match Production

As horizontal wells decline in their first year of production, operators should be able to rely on their chemical vendors to adjust rates according to new production numbers. Unfortunately, most chemical service personnel don’t have the capacity to keep up with decreasing production, and static injection rates result in overspending on chemicals.

WellAware Adjusts Chemical Pump Injection Rates to Match Well Production Rates as Soon as They Change

Cut chemical costs in half for the first year

No extra wiring, trenching, or programming

Installed and automated in less than an hour

How it Works

A WellAware Integrated Radio and Controller (WIRC) is installed on location Chemical vendors supply recommended treatment concentrations Operators establish a secure connection between their SCADA historian and the WellAware Connected Platform The WellAware On Demand Chemical service updates injection rates to match the calculated recommended rates. Financial projections and usage data are then provided back to the operator

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