Gas plant operators optimize methanol injection rates and costs with WellAware

Methanol is a key chemical for keeping oil and gas transportation operating smoothly. Proper methanol injection rates vary based on process temperature, but personnel cannot keep up with varying temperature readings to manually adjust injection rates to optimize production. WellAware automatically ties methanol injection rates to temperature, increasing production throughput while optimizing chemical costs.

Incorrect Methanol Injection Rates Lead to Unsafe Work Conditions, Lost Production and Excess Chemical Costs

Methanol is used for dehydration and deicing in the oil and gas industry. It prevents the formation of hydrates and lowers the freezing point of water percentages during oil and gas transport.

Typical applications where methanol is used is on gas wells or processing facilities where gas is throttled, which results in a temperature change that cause hydrates to freeze in the location.

Insufficient methanol injection can lead to production downtime, unsafe worker conditions and reduced throughout. However, over-injection can also cause issues included reduced capacity and excess chemicals costs.

WellAware’s Methanol Management Service Increases Production Efficiency While Controlling Chemical Spend

Methanol injection rates vary based on process temperature. Unfortunately, personnel do not have the capacity to keep up with varying temperature readings to manually adjust injection rates to optimize production.

WellAware On Demand Chemical solves the problem by controlling chemical pump injection rates to based on process temperate readings with an IoT data service designed to scale with your business and provide real-time information on the condition of your assets.


WellAware On Demand Chemical Solution is installed on location to monitor and control chemical injection pumps and chemical tank level.

The WellAware On Demand Solution identifies chemical pumps associated with each well and updates their injection rates based on real time temperature readings.

The Connected Platform installs in minutes and integrates with third-party applications such as SCADA and ERP to coordinate and monitor tank operations in the context of existing business activities

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