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Featured Customer Stories

Learn how Escondido Resources brought multiple disparate SCADA systems into one unified platform, achieving better data quality and optimize plunger lift systems on gas wells in South Texas.

Learn how ChampionX used the WellAware Connected Platform to digitally transform their chemical services business model and outpace the competition

Learn how a top US Oil & Gas Midstream Company used WellAware to reduce OPEX on asset integrity and flow assurance programs while improving vendor transparency.

Learn how Burk Royalty used WellAware to improve their operational efficiency and decrease downtime by over 85%.

Learn how Pioneer Natural Resources used WellAware to ensure accurate chemical injection rates.

Learn how HCA Healthcare improved patient care quality during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn how Maverick Natural Resources used WellAware to achieve regulatory compliance.

Learn how Arkema used WellAware to monitor high-resolution H2S readings to improve refinery services.

Learn how Purafil used WellAware to protect urban communities from toxic chlorine gas releases.

Learn how HillStone Environmental used WellAware to collect high-quality data on pressure, flow, and temperature data to increase leak detection.

Learn how Multi-Chem used WellAware to increase sales and technician productivity.

Oilfield Water Logistics used WellAware accurately match chemical injection rates to asset production rates.

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