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Improving operational efficiency. Establishing a safety-based culture. Driving sustainable growth. Our customers’ stories outline challenges, solutions, and most importantly, results.

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Featured Customer Stories

Learn how Engineering Sales Associates used WellAware’s Building Management Systems to remotely manage their Air Compression product line, visualize their data in a new way and increase their overall operational efficiency. 

Learn how US Steel used WellAware’s Facilities Management Solution to uncover operational inefficiencies, avoid downtime events, and create a proactive facility management culture through a robust remote monitoring solution.

Learn how Breitburn Energy Partners used WellAware to achieve compliance with various regulatory needs.

Learn how Burk Royalty used WellAware to improve their operational efficiency and decrease downtime by over 85%.

Energy Transfers used WellAware to reduce OPEX and improve inventory reporting.

Learn how Multi-Chem used WellAware to increase sales and technician productivity.

Learn how MarkWest Energy Partners used Chemical Management from WellAware to increase their efficiency.

Learn how Pioneer Natural Resources used WellAware to ensure accurate chemical injection rates.

Learn how HillStone Environmental used WellAware to collect high-quality data on pressure, flow, and temperature data to increase leak detection.

Learn how Apache Corporation used WellAware to reduce OPEX and downtime with Chemical Management.

Oilfield Water Logistics used WellAware accurately match chemical injection rates to asset production rates.

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WellAware enables companies to capture high-quality critical infrastructure data and provides a state of the art analytics platform that powers smart, real-time business decisions. Whether you are looking to learn more about Industrial IoT, or are evaluating your current system, get a demo of WellAware and learn how easy it can be to power your Industrial IoT needs.