Facilities Management

Monitor your critical infrastructure and manage your equipment with streamline maintenance programs.

The WellAware Approach to Facilities Management

Operators of buildings and facilities have the challenge of manage skyrocketing energy bills and environmentally conscious tenants and visitors who expect the highest quality working and living conditions.  The vast majority of commercial buildings were built decades ago with infrastructure that has not been upgraded to provide greater transparency into energy consumption as well as water and air quality. 

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Top 5 Elements of a Strong Remote Monitoring System

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Understanding Building infrastructure performance allows companies to build strong preventative maintenance plans and avoid downtime. Facilities management from WellAware is a full-stack solution that allows you to remotely monitor peripheral assets and equipment and automate systems controls.

Simplified and Modernized Facilities Management

One Tool, Complete Control

WellAware’s open technology standards allow you to go into every kind of asset or physical infrastructure to capture relevant information that is critical to your business.

Guaranteed Data Quality

Unlike most in our industry, we guarantee the quality of our data as part of a Service Level Agreement with no hassles so you can have a robust view of the health of your assets in real-time.

Learn and Grow

Internal calibration and understanding points of failure help define choke points in your facility. Create preventative maintenance programs and know your future facility needs to maintain growth.

Device Applications

Connect To Any Type of Asset In Your Facility

WellAware’s sensor devices can connect to all different types of facility assets and stream real-time data points that are critical to your operations.

  • Fan Coil Units 
  • Air Handling Units 
  • Lighting 
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) 
  • Central Plant
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Hydronic and Hydraulic Systems
  • Cooling Towers 
  • Heat Pump 
  • Supply and Exhaust Fans
  • Variable Frequency/Speed Drives (VFD, VSD) 
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) 
  • Elevators & Escalators  
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • And More…..

WellAware Edge and WIRC Devices

Solution Features

Modernized Facilities Management

Intelligent Edge Hardware & Flexible Software 

Our complete stack of hardware and software allows you to collect high-quality data inputs from your various assets and pieces of equipment.

  • Software enabled Edge devices certified for hazardous environments
  • Self-reliant through a secure communication network 
  • Open API for integration with existing systems
  • Upgrades to hardware and software at no additional cost
  • Set up in minutes for most equipment in a building facility

Intuitive Platform Visualizations 

Monitor all your assets and critical infrastructure from one, easy to access platform. 

  • Measure temperature, vibrations, fluids, pressure, chemical and other electrical or mechanical inputs
  • Monitor single assets or groups of assets across facilities and environments on your phone or computer
  • Compare real-time data to historic metrics to understand asset health and performance 
  • Set notifications for data point thresholds that help you take control of a problem before it gets out of hand

High Quality, Secure Data

Our state of the art security standards keep your data safe, and our high-quality sensor devices keep your data quality high, at all times.

  • User-based logins to ensure network stability
  • Permission-based settings that allow unique views for different team members
  • Data caching and standardization on the Edge, and high-frequency data collection that goes beyond a conventional Building Management System (commonly called BMS)
  • Extend the value to cover critical environmental quality factors in and outside the building or facility

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