Preventive maintenance service shouldn’t be a loss leader

Genset dealers often have difficulty keeping track of runtime on their rented assets. Not only can this result in reduced revenue from untracked shift-rate overruns, it can also result in unnecessary spending on preventive maintenance activities. Genset technicians should only service equipment when it needs servicing, but most dealers still rely on customer feedback to determine when (and where) a genset needs preventive maintenance, which means that technicians show up to find that a genset is either past due.

Unnecessary preventive maintenance trip charges can reduce profitability by up to 50%

Untracked customer usage which exceeds contracted shift rates reduces asset service life and decreases revenue potential.

Genset technicians waste valuable time tracking down rented units in the event of misplacement or even theft.

WellAware provides Runtime Reports and Engine Diagnostics Dashboards to help genset dealers perform preventive maintenance precisely when it is required


How it Works

A WellAware Intelligent Edge Device is installed on rental genset units to monitor runtime, engine parameters, shutdown and warning codes, and fuel level.

GPS tracking and location services help genset technicians locate equipment during service calls.

Automated daily Preventive Maintenance reports indicate upcoming service requirements for the rental fleet

Rental Managers can access Runtime Reports to determine if actual usage lines up with rental agreement shift rates – and adjust billing accordingly.

All personnel can access live Engine Performance Dashboards to assess asset health and ensure increased lifetime value of rented gensets.

Want to Learn More?

Download the WellAware Power Generation solution datasheet.