HVAC Remote Monitoring

HVAC monitoring solution that ensures your equipment is operating optimally and keeps you ahead of a failure event

The WellAware Approach to HVAC Monitoring

Add value to an expensive but well-established product without the cost of replacing it. WellAware is revolutionizing heating and air with data results that can pave the way for a smarter and more efficient environment. We help you monitor your legacy HVAC systems without the hefty capital cost of retro-fitting or replacing your existing system. We provide you the monitoring resources on a monthly fee plan and give you the remote access to the data you need to make smart decisions.

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Remote Asset Management in 2020

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Reduce energy consumption by ensuring your HVAC system is running at its most optimal levels through real-time data monitoring.



Start monitoring your HVAC with no upfront CAPEX on hardware and ensure you maximize your HVAC system’s lifespan.



Get real-time HVAC health and performance data, and prevent failures through equipment notifications.


Complete HVAC Monitoring and Control

HVAC Remote Monitoring System Features


Flexible integration with all system types


Real-time HVAC data monitoring

Real-time HVAC equipment control


Notifications on HVAC improper functioning

Interactive platform dashboard analytics

Cloud-based data storage and server security

Expert support to help you every step of the way

Preventative maintenance real-time monitoring

How It Works


WellAware connects to your HVAC and instantly streams high-quality data using sensors or compressor control data.


WellAware Edge Compute device sends alerts and automatically uploads and HVAC data to the cloud in real-time.


Dynamic reports give you HVAC health and performance data, automate workflow controls, and ultimately lower operating costs and increase operational efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control HVAC systems remotely?

Yes we can set you up for remote control of the equipment based on your specific workflows or special situations.

What can I monitor?

In addition to directly reading from the equipment’s controller unit, we use sensors to capture other critical performance data from the ambient environments both within and outside the equipment such as:

  1. Humidity (indoor/outdoor)
  2. Temperature (Suction, Discharge, Ambient)
  3. Pressure (Suction, Discharge, Line)
  4. Motor Current & Voltage
  5. Line Pressure
  6. Mass Air Flow
  7. Dynamic Ducts/Dampers
How does the setup process work?

We rapidly create software templates with specific data fields associated with each type of equipment you want managed.  Our Client Success team then trains you to install our devices on your equipment (e.g., HVAC in this instance) yourself or we would send out a trained technician to do this if you prefer.  In the last step, we remotely enable these devices through our Zero Touch Provisioning application.  Once the platform is activated, you will see all that data live on your dashboard.

How does WellAware's HVAC monitoring solution work?

Our end-to-end platform uses sensors and direct wiring into the controller units on your equipment to convert the physical world (e.g., temperature, voltage, humidity) into data.  We transmit this over a secure network to the cloud where you can visualize the data on a dashboard, set up alerts and perform ongoing analysis of performance.  Our team trains, maintains this equipment, upgrades the software and takes full accountability for delivering high quality data under a service level agreement. 

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Learn how WellAware enables you to monitor your HVAC systems without the hefty capital cost of retrofitting or replacing your existing system. We provide you the monitoring resources on a monthly fee plan and give you the remote access to the data you need to work smarter.