Are your assets always available when you need them, where you need, and ready to work for you? With battery-operated, cloud-connected asset tracking you can locate your remote and mobile assets instantly, and make sure they are ready when and where you need them to generate revenue for your business.




How much maintenance time could you save if you knew the condition of all of your assets and availability of utilities? Fully wireless cloud monitoring solutions lower the barrier to entry, which enables you to monitor all of your assets, optimize scheduling of maintenance, reduce costs, and keep all your assets in peak operational state.




A smart IIoT platform delivers better and more complete data, leading to better business results. With complete and accurate data collected wirelessly from across your extended workplace and delivered to the cloud you can take control of not only your machines but also of your business models, operating processes and financial outcomes.


Case Study

Increases in Data Collection Efficiency by 85%

Watch how WellAware helped Burk Royalty identify operations issues faster, minimizing downtime by 75% and increasing data collection efficiency by 85% in the first year