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Cellular Iot Solutions and Mobile Network Monitoring

With the rigorous pace of innovation within mobile communications at the Edge (4G LTE, 5G, etc.), and the advancement of more increasingly cost-effective edge compute, the communications market will be a significant user and enabler of IIoT technology. These benefits of mobile network monitoring and cellular scada in communications include operational efficiency of legacy & new infrastructure, the enablement of last mile access to devices, and a network of machine-to-machine collaboration. For more information on cellular IoT solutions, contact us today!

Reduce Operating Expenses

Tracking assets through GPS location has become a core component of supply chain management and has led to cost-effective workflow management spanning fleets and employees, all leveraging modern communications infrastructure. Increasingly, communications providers are being asked to provide asset solutions to leverage the ubiquity of these networks.

Reduce Operating Expenses

As communications providers expand their Network Operations Center (NOC) services to leverage network advancements, monitoring IoT edge devices through direct-to-cloud or machine-to-machine collaboration is becoming more prevalent as a natural adjacency.

Reduce Operating Expenses

IoT edge compute continues to advance, enabling scripts and applications to run on the device. NOC services can leverage IoT edge compute controls, allowing for enhanced service level agreements and quality of service.

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