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Automation for Hydrate Inhibitors in Oil and Gas

Start managing methanol the smart way

WellAware On Demand Chemical is real-time automation for hydrate inhibitors in oil and gas applications. With WellAware, you can inject methanol based on scientific principles, not guess work. The result? Better flow assurance and zero methanol waste.

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Cut your methanol costs in half

Hydrate inhibitors can be an expensive part of your flow assurance program.

WellAware cuts the waste by injecting methanol only when hydrate formation is possible.

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Eliminate your downtime risk

Sick of freeze-ups and compressor shut-downs?

WellAware delivers better flow assurance by injecting hydrate inhibitors exactly when they’re needed.

Stop the methanol guesswork

Enough with the “guesstimating.” Your assets deserve better and your field staff deserves a break.

When it comes to hydrate inhibitors, WellAware lets you set it and forget it, dialing in treatment rates based on real-time environmental variables.

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oilfield chemical monitoring and control solution with software dashboards and reports, a pump controller and tank level monitor with flow control, and a mobile app with remote setpoint control and solar monitoring

Hydrate Inhbitor Injection Calculator

Try it out!
See how WellAware On Demand Chemical automates your methanol injection rates.

Enter your automation parameters, then tweak the temperature dial and watch how our controller responds.

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Customer Success Story

Read how a top midstream company finally took control of their methanol program.

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oil and gas energy executive

We used to operate on the principle that, if 2 gallons of methanol is good, then 20 is better. But that leads to methanol waste, and methanol is expensive, so we wanted to have some control over that cost. With WellAware, we could see what was going on with our pumps and control the injection rates remotely without needing to have a guy out there.

Clint | VP of Operations

Let’s cut the methanol waste together.
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