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Real-time oilfield chemical automation

The right amount of chemical at the right time, every time

The WellAware Admiral is a reliable, affordable way to get your most critical chemical applications dialed in to your treatment targets. Our injection automation technology powers your chemical pumps to inject chemistry with over six times more accuracy than the industry average.

oilfield production chemicals automation solution

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The best thing for asset integrity since corrosion inhibitor

The average chemical injection pump misses targets by over 40%, which spells disaster for asset integrity.

Pumps equipped with the Admiral reliably inject chemistry within 5% of target, which means better protection for your most critical equipment.

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oil and gas chemical automation software
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Say goodbye to plugs, freeze-ups, and waste.

Tired of spending so much of your OPEX on chemistry, only to get subpar results?

WellAware’s Admiral bolsters flow assurance programs without flooding your production and pipelines with unnecessary chemical waste.

Automate based on production, flow rate, temperature, and more

WellAware’s Admiral works on a variety of chemical applications.

Automate corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, H2S scavengers, methanol, and more based on the real-time process parameters that inform the injection concentrations you need.

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Full-blown automation for critical applications


Lifetime Warranty

If it fails, we’ll replace it under contract.


Updates 6x Per Minute

Faster response for better performance.


Constant PPM Injection

See pump downtime ASAP.


PPM Variance Reports

Delivered on your schedule.


Zero Touch Calibration

Handle it all in the mobile app.


Wireless Configuration

Lose the wires. Use your phone.


Remote PPM Control

Change PPM rates from your desk.


Hazardous Certified

Oilfield ready. Oilfield safe.


TLM Always Included

Monitor inventory and usage.


Multiple Applications

Scavenger, methanol, inhibitor, and more.

Admiral Chemical applications

One solution with multiple applications
Use WellAware Admiral to inject the right amount of chemical at the right time on your most critical applications.

Featured application

water hydrates h2o

Hydrate Inhibitors

rust fe2o3 corrosion

Corrosion Inhibitors

calcium carbonate scale caco3

Scale Inhibitors

hydrogen sulfide h2s

Hydrogen Sulfide

iron sulfide fes

Water Clarifiers

oxygen o2

Oxygen Scavengers

carbon dioxide co2

CO2 Scavengers

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