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Support Services for Chemical Automation

If it breaks,
we take care of it.

All WellAware oilfield chemical automation products come with a lifetime equipment warranty, guaranteed data quality, and unwavering support in the office and in the field.

oilfield chemical services field support personnel

Installation & Customer Support

We guarantee your success, from install to analysis.

WellAware Client Success

Our customers love our dedicated, hard-working Client Success team.

Whether you’re having trouble with a calibration, need a new sensor, or just want to vent, our oilfield-trained Client Success team has you covered.

wellaware client success customer support team
chemical automation installer performing a tank level monitor installation

Certified Automation Partners

We don’t just sit behind desks all day. We get out in the field, too.

Our network of Certified Automation Partners are safety-trained, oilfield certified, and ready to help with installs and field troubleshooting where you need it.

Site Analysis Support

We don’t slow down after install. We speed up.

Our Solutions and Success Teams help you analyze your data so you can find issues – like inefficient deliveries, failed pumps, and bad calibrations – without wasting any time.

a customer support person finding site issues like empty tanks and pump downtime

Customer Success Story

Our customers love our service.

a happy oilfield worker with a mobile device

The WellAware Team is always great to work with. They always answer all my questions and go out of their way to help me out with any data that I need.

Nick | Telemetry Manager

Let us support your automation plans.

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