Use WellAware to gain oversight over chemical operations

WellAware serves Chemical Service Providers by capturing and analyzing data from chemical injection points, providing insights into inventory usage and delivery scheduling, with remote control to allow setpoint changes to match new production data provided by their customers. All the data captured by WellAware Edge Devices is packaged into relevant dashboards, charts, and reports which help service providers reduce their operating expenses and improve the quality of their service.

The same data is easily repurposed to provide tremendous value to Operators who are paying for chemical treatment services. For Operators, WellAware provides chemical usage histories, vendor performance against industry averages on common performance indexes, billing and invoice reconciliation, and automation services to reduce chemical costs and improve treatment accuracy and quality.

WellAware provides the necessary information to Operators to lower costs and minimize risk in chemical treatment.

Monitor and project chemical costs, reconcile delivery invoices, and track chemical spend per barrel produced

Index the performance of chemical vendors against industry averages to see how they stack up against the competition

Automatically link chemical injection to well-allocated production rates as soon as they are updated on your end

How it Works

WellAware provides hardware, connectivity, and data services to Chemical Service Providers at a low price point, enabling them to scale their digital footprint and collect operational data to improve their service.

The Chemical Service Provider installs and maintains WellAware Edge Devices on your assets, monitor chemical usage and control rates where applicable.

WellAware integrates with your SCADA system or production historian to ensure that chemical treatment data is processed in context of production data in real time

The resulting insights are delivered to Chemical Service Providers through the WellAware LIFT™ Platform.

The same information, repurposed for Operators, can be delivered back to your SCADA or business intelligence suite for analysis.

Want to Learn More?

Download the WellAware Chemical Audit Management for Operators datasheet