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Remote Asset Monitoring

Connect your infrastructure to get real-time performance data that allows you to make real-time business decisions. Minimize trips to sites for physical maintenance while ensuring your infrastructure is at full production.

Connect Your Assets and Unleash the Power of Data

Connect all your assets to a centralized system and ensure all your assets are properly maintained. Remotely monitor the health and safety of your infrastructure, identify problems before they get out of hand, and make sure you and your team’s time is spent maintaining the right assets.

How it Works

A WellAware Intelligent Edge Device is installed on your assets and is programmed to draw key performance data points. All data is reported into the WellAware LIFT™ platform in real-time to remotely monitor and control your assets. All personnel can access live Performance Dashboards to assess asset health and ensure the production efficiency of your assets.

Reduce Operating Expenses
Simple Design, Endless Possibilities

WellAware data services use two essential devices: The Cloud Terminal Unit and the Edge. This simple-by-design approach limits complexity and gets you connected to what matters.

Reduce Operating Expenses
Pre-Configured, Intuitive Platform

The LIFT Web and Mobile platform comes pre-configured with tools that oil and gas execs monitor production from anywhere.

Reduce Operating Expenses
Continuous Support to Ensure Success

With Field Shield, you're never alone. We help you get set for success, ensure that all your devices are working properly and provide dedicated support for any questions you have along the way.

  • Ready to get better data from your assets?

    WellAware enables companies to capture high-quality critical infrastructure data and provides a state of the art analytics platform that powers smart, real-time business decisions. Whether you are looking to learn more about Industrial IoT, or are evaluating your current system, get a demo of WellAware and learn how easy it can be to power your Industrial IoT needs.

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