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Software Platform That Gives Your Machines A Voice

Watch your equipment come to life through better asset data visualization. WellAware’s dynamic software platforms were created with the ultimate goal of giving your machines a voice.

Our software is split into two platforms – our industrial remote monitoring platform, ACT, and our clean air monitoring platform, PureAware.

WellAware LIFT™

Remote Asset Management Software


Clean Air Monitoring Software

WellAware LIFT™

Meet LIFT™ – WellAware’s turnkey remote asset management software.

Manage your critical infrastructure at any time, from anywhere. WellAware’s dynamic software platform empowers you to understand the health and performance of all your assets, and make business decisions based on analytics-quality data.


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Monitor, Control, and Automate Your Critical Infrastructure. Manage All Your Assets. Optimize Your Workforce.

The WellAware platform allows your team to work smarter and make business decisions based on high-quality asset health and performance data.

Monitor. Control. Automate.


Monitor the health and performance of all your assets, control your individual machines for maximum efficiency, and automate critical processes to ensure maximum production.


Asset Dashboards and Reports

See asset performance in real-time. Identify problems and opportunities for improved efficiency.


Asset Control

Remotely control your assets based to maximize production and asset health. All changes are logged and auditable.


Industrial Automation

Set your machine inputs to increase or decrease based on critical process parameters



Get notified of any asset health and performance risks through text and email alarms.

Asset Management


Don’t worry about what’s out of sight. Asset management allows you to instantly check in on your asset fleet, group different asset categories, and ensure your operations are streamlined.



Connect groups of assets to stay organized. Assign specific users to each group to keep your workforce focused.


Document Storage

Upload and store relevant documents for each of your assets. Tag documents for easy queries.



View assets in visual mapping to see the real-time location of each asset. Maximize efficiency for workforce in-person visits.



Stack assets and see which assets need attention from your workforce.

Workforce Management


Tired of endless phone conversations and text messages? Work smarter by assigning your team to the right assets, keeping your workforce working on the things that matter to your operations.


User Permissions

Assign different roles and access permissions to an unlimited amount of users. 


Incident Management

Get notified of any asset issues and deploy a team member to to the location of the asset for immediate assistance.


Team Grouping

Create teams and assign them to specific assets or groups of assets to ensure streamline production and asset operations. 

Tools That Make Getting Started Easy

Zero Touch Provisioning

Each solution comes with tailored provisioning that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Simply open the Act library, pick your solution and your assets. Your assets will instantly start streaming data into Act for you to start monitoring. 

Calibration Wizard

Certain assets require calibration. Act’s calibration wizard walks you through the steps to calibrate your assets and get you accurate data. No manuals, special training, or additional devices are needed.


Sense Pairing

Sync up to 8 Sense devices to the Connect device in seconds using the grouping feature in Act. Organize your assets with ease and start monitoring the things that matter to your business. Learn more about our hardware.

WellAware empowers your team to work safer, be more efficient, and more sustainable. We eliminate the friction to getting high-quality data from your assets and allow you to focus on making sure the things that matter to your business are running at peak performance.

Ready to work smarter?


Meet PureAware – WellAware’s smart air purification solution

Remove viruses from the air, improve indoor air quality, and provide peace of mind to your building occupants through air purification remote monitoring.


Eliminate Germs, Protect Your People, and Prove It.

PureAware™ is a smart air purification system for organizational leaders who want to remove viruses from the air, improve indoor air quality, and provide peace of mind to their building occupants through air purification remote monitoring.

QR Code Customer Insurance

Give your staff and patrons the peace of mind they deserve. PureAware™ customers receive unique QR Codes that customers and occupants can scan and instantly see air purification status through the PureAware™ App.


Get real-time air purification status in the various areas of your building. See the air purification status of one room, or see the building as a whole. PureAwareIQ gives you Proof that the air in your building is actively being purified.

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