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What Is Wrong With Industrial Iot Data?

IoT data originates in the physical world, where sensors capture analog values for temperature, pressure, sound, vibration, etc. This data has been sufficient for DCS, PLC and SCADA systems to ensure safety and process control.

However, that same data is incomplete, inconsistent and inaccurate when used with IoT applications. OT architectures were never designed to deliver the frequency, resolution and completeness of data required by modern IoT analytics and machine learning. For a more holistic approach to IoT technology and data collection, contact us today

WellAware Solves the IoT Data Problem by Starting at the Edge

Many IT companies have tried and failed to solve the IoT data problem with servers or in the cloud. WellAware takes a different approach. Our Industrial IoT platform starts at the edge, the only place where fundamental data governance and availability problems can be solved. Our IIoT device manager securely delivers high quality and high-fidelity data to verified and authorized IIoT consumers. Moreover, WellAware’s IoT data architecture was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of IoT workloads.

WellAware IoT Data Architecture Components

Intelligent Edge Devices

Utilize hardware abstraction layers and data interfaces to translate legacy OT protocols into IT standards.

  • Flexible GPIO
  • Linux architecture
  • Modular communications
  • Smart power management
  • Certified for harsh and hazardous

IIot Device Management

WellAware’s Industrial IoT device management software assigns resources to create context around specific data sources and structures data to export into application layers.

  • WellAware field app
  • Edge-level UAC
  • Inter-device communication functions
  • Application management
  • Firmware management

Application Services

manage incoming and outgoing data using thing-centered data models so assets respond to and create appropriate messages.

  • Scalable data storage
  • Data expression engine
  • ML core
  • Pluggable extensions
  • External comms framework

Containerized Solutions

rapidly instantiate device applications in multiple environments, allowing companies to digitally define their entire asset base.

  • Application framework interface
  • Containers for rapid deployment
  • Business intelligence suite
  • Asset templating framework
  • Professional services

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