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Not sure if you noticed, but the California Department of Conservation Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources, (DOGGR) has a new name!

As a result of new state legislation, Assembly Bill 1057, the division, which oversees and administers regulations for energy producers in California, announced on January 1st that it had changed its name. The division is now officially the California Geologic Energy Management Division, shortened to CalGEM. The official announcement can be seen here.

While the name new name might not carry the same canine affection of the former pronunciation (“dogger”), the update in identity brings a new mission with a primary focus on public health, safety, and environmental quality.

Changes have some California operators worried

If you work for an oil and gas operator, you might be wondering how this could affect you and your employer. Additional government oversight has the potential to bring new challenges and encumbrances which force oil and gas teams to creatively maneuver their operations to align with the law while still staying profitable and efficient.




While you may be scrambling to understand and respond to new legislation, there are ways to quickly and easily achieve compliance in certain areas. WellAware has solutions that can help “grease the compliance skids” without sacrificing time-tested business practices. Check out our UIC Monitoring Program Preparedness Checklist, a tool that can help you get started on compliance for injection or disposal wells. Our solutions help California operators get compliant as quickly as possible. They are rugged, accurate, and flexible for any budget.

Operators can rest easy with WellAware

So, while the name change and the new mission might bring frustration for operators trying to maintain production in an already burdensome regulatory environment, there’s no need to lose hope. With the right team and the right tools, achieving compliance can be a simple, pain-free process.

For more info, check out our new eBook: A Compliance How-To Guide for California Operators, or to see how an independent California operator achieved compliance, check out our LA Basin Operator Case Study.