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Underground Injection Control


WellAware Underground Injection Control Management automates critical mechanical integrity test program requirements, including continuous pressure monitoring, injection volume reporting, and chemical disclosures.

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Automate Your Mechanical Integrity Tests

We’ve simplified compliance with federal and state underground injection control (UIC) programs through automated data collection and reporting.

WellAware helps you:


Continuously monitor casing pressure, tubing pressure, and fluid injection flow rates and volumes every 5 minutes.


Received instantaneous text and email alerts on over-pressure events or potential casing leaks as soon as they happen.


Automatically generate customizable reports that include UIC data to satsify state and federal regulatory requirements.


Disclose compliance or operating performance metrics through compliance bodies or voluntary sustainability reporting.

Wellaware Satisfies State and Federal UIC Regulations

Use WellAware Underground Injection Control Management to achieve regulatory compliance under EPA regulations, or with state-administered UIC programs

Environmental Protection Agency

Meets requirements under Federal Regulation 40 CFR § 146.8 for Class II injection wells.

California Department of Conservation (CALGEM)

Meets requirements under California Statutes and Regulations Section 1724.10 for Class II injection wells.

Texas Railroad Commission (RRC)

Meets requirements under 16 Texas Administrative Code § 3.9 for Class II injection wells.


Download our case study to see how a waterflood operator optimized their UIC program and simplified compliance.

  • 70% improvement in workforce efficiency
  • 30% decrease in costs associated with complince
  • 5x lower cost than other options

Attention California Operators

The California Department of Conservation Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM) has updated its requirements for Class II injection wells operated in the state of California. Over 55,000 wells are affected by this update.

New regulations include:

  • Section 1724.10.4(b) – Operators must implement a continuous monitoring system no later than April 1, 2021.
  • Section 1724.10.4.1 – “Well specific injection pressure shall be continuously recorded at all times…”
  • Section 1724.10.1(a)2(D) – “The casing-tubing annular pressure shall be measured at least as frequently as every five minutes…”
  • Section 1724.10.1(a)(2)(D) – “A Division-approved SCADA system, with automatic computer alarm notification, may be used to satisfy this requirement”
  • Section 1724.10(c) – Monthly Injection Volumes Report
  • Section – Monthly Max Pressure Report
  • Section 1724.10(e)(3) – Annual Chemical Injection Report
  • Section 1724.10(l)(4) – Annual Monitored Well Inventory Report

[Compliance Guide].
Download our CalGEM UIC compliance guide to understand the changes you need to make to comply with new regulations.

Use WellAware To Simplify Your UIC Compliance Program

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