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Wireless Pressure Monitoring

Accurate & reliable wireless pressure monitoring solution. Monitor pressures from anywhere with an all-inclusive subscription plan.











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Eliminate expensive and risky data-gathering trips.
Track real-time process pressures from the safety of your truck or office.

Wellhead Pressure Monitoring

Gas Compressor Monitoring

Air Compressor Monitoring

Pipeline Pressure Monitoring

Pressure Vessel Monitoring

Pump Pressure Monitoring

Filter Pressure Monitoring

Pressure Level Monitoring


Wireless Pressure

Class 1 Div 1, Explosion Proof
Pressure Ranges up to 15,000 PSI
5-minute Standard Sample Rate
Wireless Mobile App Configuration
Lifetime Warranty Under Contract
Secure Data Encryption

Industrial Sensor

Class 1 Div 2, IP65 Weatherproof
4G LTE Data Plan Included
Supports Multiple Transmitters
Wireless Mobile App Configuration
Lifetime Warranty Under Contract
Secure Data Encryption

Pressure Monitoring

Detailed Trend Screens
Text and Email Alerts
Customizable Reports
Unlimited User Licenses
Easy SCADA Integrations
Secure Authentication



Install it yourself or use our network of Certified Automation Partners.

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Wirelessly calibrate pressure sensors using your phone.

Simple wizards enable calibration in just a few steps.


Capture site info and equipment photos for context-rich data.

Start streaming pressure data ASAP without all the fuss.


Track pressure trends, manage alerts, and download reports on included web and mobile software.

Get unlimited user licenses and integrate data into your existing tools.


Get text and email alerts for any pressure incidents.

Manage alert settings on the web. Review and acknowledge alerts in the field.


Expand beyond pressure. Explore our wireless level, temperature, and flow monitoring solutions.

WellAware’s Connected PLC solution lets you capture stranded field data.


Why choose WellAware?

Easier Setup

No systems integrators. No network engineers. No endless calls to tech support.

Stronger Warranty

Lifetime equipment warranty under contract.

Better Reliability

Our customers get 99.98% of data they expect.

More Features

Data plans included. Free software. Monitor from anywhere.

Simpler Pricing

Pay upfront or monthly. You choose.

Superior Support

USA-based, full-time employees. Our support team knows their stuff.

Explore More Process Solutions

Don’t stop at just pressure monitoring. Get superior data for all your industrial processes in one unified platform.

Wireless Level Monitoring

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Flow Monitoring

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How accurate are WellAware pressure sensors?

Standard WellAware pressure sensors have a factory-calibrated accuracy of ±0.5% of full span. The actual accuracy of the sensor may vary based on the sensor technology used, the type of medium being monitored, the stability of the media properties, and the size, shape, and material of the process connection.

What kind of pressure sensor is included?

WellAware offers multiple sensor options for different pressure applications. We’ll help you determine the best sensor range, material, and certification based on your unique application. All of our sensors go through rigorous testing to ensure reliability and accuracy for their applications.

What kind of processes or media can I monitor with WellAware pressure monitoring?

WellAware has been tested on a wide variety of processes and media with various types of gasses and liquids, ranging from wellheads to pipelines to pressure vessels. For more information on if your process or medium is supported, contact our team using the form below.

What is the pressure sensor made of?

All WellAware pressure sensors are constructed from high-quality materials with the necessary certifications to work in your application and environment. For technical specifications on the different sensors, download our datasheet or contact us using the form below.

Can the pressure sensors handle wide temperature ranges?

Yes. Standard WellAware pressure sensors can operate over a wide temperature range between -67ºF and 257ºF, and come with temperature compensation electronics to ensure pressure accuracy even in highly variable conditions.

Can WellAware integrate with SCADA?

Absolutely. WellAware supports multiple integration paths to get pressure data into your existing SCADA software, including FTPS/SFTP, MQTT, and API. We make integrations easy – just let us know your integration requirements and we’ll get it done.

How do I calibrate the pressure sensor?

Calibration happens in just a few easy steps using the WellAware Field App. First, enter the range of the pressure sensor, then set the sensor zero, then install the sensor and record the pressure. Calibration data is immediately stored on the device. No need to go online or call tech support.

How long do the batteries last?

WellAware Pressure Monitors are extremely power efficient, drawing just microamps of power the majority of the time they operate. For most applications, battery life will be between 1-2 years, however extreme environments or higher transmission rates will reduce the power budget.

What kind of batteries does the pressure monitor use?

The WellAware Pressure Monitor uses standard 3.6V Lithium D-Cell batteries. You can buy them online or anywhere industrial batteries are sold.

Can the pressure monitor be externally powered?

Yes. The WellAware Pressure Monitor can be externally powered using a 12-24 V DC power source, including solar assemblies. Note that WellAware does not sell external power sources.

What is the pressure data polling rate?

You choose! Standard polling rates include hourly data samples with transmission every 3 hours, but that’s configurable. You can get accurate pressure data every 5 minutes if you want. Keep in mind that faster data rates do require more power, and in some cases, may increase cost.

What if I don't have cell service?

Our standard pressure monitors operate on 4G LTE cellular connectivity from AT&T or Verizon. If your location does not have cell coverage, we offer satellite connectivity through Iridium at reduced data rates. Note that satellite connectivity is only feasible for outdoor installations with a clear line of sight to the sky.

What if I don't have WiFi?

Don’t worry, our pressure sensors don’t need WiFi to work. They run on publicly available cellular networks, and you only need a very weak cellular signal to get accurate pressure data. If for some reason the cellular network drops out temporarily, our pressure monitors store pressure readings and upload them when service is restored.

What happens if my pressure monitor breaks?

So long as you are our customer, we will replace the pressure monitoring device free of charge if it ever breaks during normal use. This lifetime warranty includes over-the-air firmware upgrades as well as hardware upgrades, if necessary (For example, if 4G LTE networks become obsolete in the future, we will happily ship you a 5G replacement). Pressure sensors may also be covered under this lifetime warranty for certain applications.

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