Remote Equipment Monitoring with Zero Upfront Capex including Install

You won’t find that anywhere else.
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No Budget? No Problem.

WellAware offers solutions with zero upfront capital expenditure

Short Contracts

Contract terms as short as 12 months, with the option to pay month-to-month.

Install Included

Installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance are included with Field Shield.

One Monthly Fee

Monitor and control anything without needing capital budget approval.

Say Goodbye to Time and Materials

Installation should not cost more than your devices.

We solved that with Field Shield.

  • Installation included
  • Troubleshooting included
  • Maintenance included

You’ll never get an invoice from us for hours or consumables.

Pay for Data, Not Infrastructure

Everything you need, from sensors to service. 

  • All hardware included
  • Lifetime warranty under contract
  • No variable comms costs
  • No software setup fees
  • Unlimited user licenses

The Bottom Line: Lower Total Costs

For us, being “cheaper” isn’t just about spreading costs across a multi-year contract. We designed a lower-cost solution from the ground up. Our customers experience the freedom of paying for great data, and not worrying complicated automation projects that require a systems integrator.

Our optimized cost structure is focused on results, not pieces and parts. And as always, everything is available with zero upfront CAPEX. Yes, everything.