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WellAware for ESG Performance

Better ESG Performance Matters

WellAware helps you improve ESG performance and streamline reporting on ESG factors by connecting your business and your shareholders to the critical assets that drive sustainable operations.

Better data drives better results on ESG initiatives

The backbone of any ESG strategy is accurate, reliable data that enables transparency that leads to results. Click the interactive graphic below to see how WellAware helps our customers achieve better ESG performance and reporting through our Industrial IoT solutions and guaranteed data services.

We help our customers achieve their ESG goals

Our customers rely on us to help them achieve better environmental, social, and governance performance. We partner with our customers to provide unmatched data quality that enables transparency, reliability, and accountability.

Check out our ESG Customer Stories

Protecting Groundwater

Read how a California oil and gas producer is minimizing groundwater contamination with underground injection control

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Read how a global oilfield service and technology company is reducing windshield time and associated carbon footprint 

Mitigating Gas Exposure

Read how a global natural gas transporter is reducing safety incidents and preventing hazardous gas exposure

Recycling Frac Water

Read how a large independent oil and gas producer is treating clean brine to reduce fresh water consumption by 30%

Improving Air Quality

Learn how commercial businesses are improving indoor air quality to prevent the spread of airborne disease

Here’s what we have to say about ESG

Check out our articles, webinars, and more where we talk about why ESG matters to industrial businesses.

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