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Number of Tanks

How many tanks are included in the account?

The size of the account will determine both the size of investment and size of return. Larger accounts have greater opportunity for ROI.



Distance Between Tanks

How far apart are tanks, on average?

The distance between tanks will determine time and mileage savings from reduced trips.



Chemical Product Margin

How much money do you make selling a gallon of chemical?

Product margin is the bundled price of your chemical minus the cost of the chemical itself. Higher margin chemistry yields higher ROI.



Average Target Injection Rate

How much chemistry are you injecting per day?

The higher the rate, the more downtime will cost you (and your customer).



Current Inventory Schedule

How often do you check inventory?

Automation eliminates the need to check inventory, cutting down on costly and potentially unsafe site visits.

Current Setpoint Change Schedule

How often do you update pump setpoints?

Sites that need frequent setpoint changes are great candidates for remote pump control or automation.

Current Delivery Schedule

How often do you fill tanks, on average?

Account managers with automation usually increase delivery efficiency by at least 10-20%, which reduces cost.

Service Tech Wage

How much does the average service tech make hourly?

Rising labor costs make automation more important, expanding the force of your team.



Product Choice

Which WellAware product would are you interested in?

TLM = Tank Level Monitoring
PMC = Pump Monitoring & Control
ODC = On Demand Chemical


Monthly Trips Avoided
Automation increases delivery efficiency and prevents most non-required health checks for inventory and setpoint changes.


Monthly Hours Avoided
By avoiding unnecessary site trips, you also avoid costly - and dangerous - hours on the road.


Monthly Injection Regained
Automation helps you find problems - and fix them - faster, resulting in less pump downtime and more chemical sales.


Monthly Efficiency Savings
This is how much you save by avoiding the time, fuel, mileage, and maintenance associated with non-required site visits.


Monthly Increased Margin
This is how much more chemical revenue you'll make by reducing downtime, minus the cost of the chemical itself.


Total Monthly Benefit


Per Tank


Total Monthly Benefit


Per Tank


Want to see your ROI?

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chemical automation roi example
chemical automation roi example