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Chemical Automation for Midstream

Chemical automation that moves the needle for midstream

WellAware On Demand Chemical helps modern pipeline and processing companies track chemical vendor performance, assure flow, and maintain pipeline integrity through better chemical treatment programs.

midstream pipelines at a gas processing facility


Hydrate inhibitor automation system
Tired of freeze-ups, downtime, and methanol waste? Check out our temperature-based methanol automation solution!

methanol injection automation for oil and gas

Cut your costs with chemical automation

Chemistry should support your midstream goals, not hold them back.

WellAware helps midstream operators cut chemical costs, creating healthy treatment programs that ensure uptime and performance without the waste.

The result? More money for things you care about.

a row of chemical injection tanks at a pipeline facility

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a temperature monitoring device monitoring pipeline temperature for optimal methanol injection

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Protect your pipelines & keep the energy flowing

Your flow assurance and pipeline integrity programs depend on good chemistry.

WellAware automates injection to keep treatment on track to minimize corrosion, scale, sour gas, bacteria, and more.

Which means you get more uptime at a lower cost.

Evaluate your chemical company

See how your service company stacks up to the other guys.

WellAware lets you compare vendors against industry averages so you’ll know if you’re getting your money’s worth.

Now you can finally measure your chemical ROI.

a chemical service technician checking chemical tanks at a midstream facility

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Chemical automation for midstream

Better treatment to support your most critical programs


Corrosion Control


Cost Reduction


Flow Assurance


Pipeline Integrity


Hydrate Control


Sour Gas Mitigation

Production Chemical Technology Solutions

Monitor, control, and automate your chemical program

chemical automation software with pump controller and tank level monitor with flow control and a mobile app with remote pump control and tank alarms
chemical tank level monitoring solution

Chemical Tank Monitoring

Keep tabs on chemical usage and identify anomalies.

  • Inventory monitoring
  • Usage reports
  • Delivery detection
  • Empty tank alerts
oilfield chemical pump control solution

Chemical Pump Control

Keep your chemical pumps running to support your production.

  • Remote rate control
  • Solar health alerts
  • Low power alarms
  • Lost injection alerts
oilfield chemical automation solution for methanol corrosion scale inhibitor h2s hydrogen sulfide sour gas with flow control

Real-Time Automation

Automate injection based on production, temperature, and more.

  • Constant PPM
  • Fully automated
  • Treatment variance
  • Multiple applications

Data integrations

WellAware integrates with the tools you use

WellAware puts your chemical data to work. We’ve got integrations for all major oil & gas software tools.


Gas Measurement

Business Intelligence


integrates with quorum software spotfire excel tableau azure power bi flowcal ignition wonderware cygnet scada

Let’s own your chemical program together.

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